Table Top Games

There are several types of games available for people to play without a computer or a video game console. This site is dedicated to highlighting the table top games that are family friendly and appropriate for age 10+, or high value due to popularity or quality.

Board Games

Board Games have been used for centuries. Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon are just a few examples of early board games. For this site a board game is defined as any game playable on a table that consists of physical pieces that must manipulated in order to play

Card Games

Card Games have been around for centuries as well. Numerous games have been created using the standard 52 card deck of Ace to King, but there are dozens of card games that use their own unique cards. For this site a card game is defined as any game that consists primarily of cards and is packaged with all necessary materials to play upon purchase. (ie not collectable)

Tradable Card Games

TCGs or CCGs are games which players must collect cards in order to construct a deck which is then used to play against others. Magic: The Gathering is currently the most popular, but there are many others of varying complexity and quality.


Miniatures consist of exact replicas of different soldiers and terrain built to scale. The game is a battle played using specific rules to make it realistic. For this site a miniature game is defined as any game that consists primarily of customizable pieces used to play the game. This genre covers both Historical and Non-Historical Miniatures.

Role Playing

For this site I will not be reviewing Role Playing games, but if you are unfamiliar with this genre I recommend you visit


Here you will find links to other resources, information about gaming at your library, and other information outside of reviews in a blog format.